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Tsubaki innovations on attachment chain

Attachment chain is one of the unsung heroes of the industrial world, being critical to the movement of a diverse range of products along the production line. From the food and beverage sector to pharmaceuticals, and from packaging to automotive parts production, attachment chain is critical to the efficiency and reliability of the production line.


Selecting from a range of standard and custom attachments allows the chain to be customised to the precise needs of the conveying application. Options include extended and folded link plates, extended pins, and other fittings which are attached to the basic roller chain to provide a highly tailored engineering solution.

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8th Generation chain design brings new performance & endurance standards

Tsubaki has launched the G8 Series (eighth-generation) of its RS Roller Chain and its Heavy Duty Drive Chain.

RS Roller Chain is the company's standard, designed to meet the needs of most applications. Heavy Duty Drive Chain is an endurance chain with a high maximum allowable tension for particularly demanding situations.

The G8 RS Roller Chain offers a 20% improvement in service life over the previous designs and a special corrosion suppressing oil is applied to the chain in the final stage of manufacture to inhibit rust and improve durability. Developed in-house, this oil does not leave a sticky residue on the chain surface, making handling cleaner and more pleasant. The new G8 chain is available in 11 sizes from RS40 to RS240.


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Patented wear indicator eliminates unscheduled downtime on large sprockets

Tsubaki has introduced a wear indicator for large pitch chain drive sprockets which provides a clear indication of wear, allowing the sprocket to be replaced before it fails. Eliminating the guesswork traditionally associated with wear checking, the indicator protects investment in capital equipment, eliminates breakdowns and allows better management of maintenance scheduling.TSU256_Tsubaki_Wear_Indicator_Pic1.jpgThe Tsubaki Wear Indicator has been specifically designed to provide a clear indicator of wear, allowing the sprocket to be replaced before it fails

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New Generation Lambda Lube Free Chain Series

Tsubaki RS Roller Chain new generation Lambda

Tsubaki G8 Series

Since 1917 Tsubakimoto Chain Company has consistently provided the highest quality industrial chain. Being the global leader in innovation, Tsubaki became the world's first manufacturer to introduce lube free chain under the brand name Lambda in 1988.

The Lambda chain is ideal for environments where chain lubrication is difficult, impossible or undesirable. Typical applications can be found in industries where clean environments are required (e.g. food, packaging) and in environments where abrasive contamination is prominent (e.g. wood processing, paper industry).

Miniatuurweergave voor Lambda cover foto.png

Tsubaki is now proud to introduce the 6th generation premium Lube Free Lambda Chain that will be supplied as standard with a special developed NSF-H1 Food Grade lubricant impregnated bush.

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Chain breaker allows easy dismantling of roller chains

The bench mounted chain breaker newly launched by Tsubaki is designed to make disassembling of its single strand roller chain fast and simple. It can be used with most common European and ANSI sizes of Tsubaki chain, from RS05B to RS16B and RS35 to RS80. In fact this precision instrument can even be used to disassemble Tsubaki's motorcycle chain and heavy duty RS80 chain.


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