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Tsubaki introduces One-Touch Inspection Doors for use with bulk material conveyors

Tsubaki has launched a range of One-Touch Inspection Doors or hatch covers for use with conveyor systems, particularly those transporting bulk materials such as flour, grain or aggregates.

The door is intended for installation on chutes, hoppers, covered conveyors and other material handling plant and equipment. It has a simple lever lock mechanism that can be opened one-handed to allow inspection or to give access for cleaning.


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Tsubaki team at the Marathon Rotterdam 2019

It was the 39th edition of the NN Marathon Rotterdam. The edition was sold out, 17.000 runners took part and that was the maximum number allowed. There was a cheerful atmosphere along the course with an estimated 950,000 spectators, who shouted the participants (from no less than 93 countries) to the finish.

Erasmusbrug Marathon.JPG

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