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Product of the Year Awards in Poland

Publishing house Trademedia International has a 65years tradition in the USA and it is present in Poland since 2004 with its bimonthly industrial magazine „Inżynieria & Utrzymanie Ruchu" (Plant Engineering).

Product Roku logo.jpgSince 2005 they organize „Product of the Year Awards" to promote technologically advanced innovative solutions (newly introduced to the MRO and OEM markets or upgraded in the previous year). The target is to make them more available to the maintenance and engineering staff in the factories and technical offices.

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Following the links of the total cost of life for chain

Specifying higher quality mechanical power transmission products usually comes with a price premium. Of course, when specified correctly, this premium can be more than recouped by their longer working life and lower maintenance requirements. Plant engineers and machine designers are advised to look at the 'total cost of ownership' rather than the purchase price when buying components such as transmission chain.

tsu279 -lambda-chain-pic1.jpg

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When increased profit is a chain reaction

The performance of existing plant and machinery can sometimes be markedly improved by the simplest of modifications, such as retrofitting a better quality transmission chain. Greg Sharp of Tsubaki UK expands on the concept and looks at some real-world examples where productivity and profitability gains were achieved.

TSU283_RetroFit_Chain_Assemby_Line_Pic1.jpgTsubaki's maintenance free Lambda chain provided the German machine builder with longer life and reduced maintenance costs

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Chain of innovations helps put Tsubaki at the forefront of technology

MRO professionals see the real-world effects of technological innovation. In some instances this can lead to reduced working pressures, while in others they can be left to (literally) pick up the pieces. Over many years, chain maker Tsubaki has consistently worked to improve the life of MRO professionals. Its chain offers improved performance and reliability in most industrial applications; over 100 years it's produced a stream of innovations that regularly reset the benchmarks for the technology.


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