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Basic Metal Production

Tsubaki offers heavy duty solutions from the blast furnace to the rolling mill. With non-stop production demands and very little scheduled maintenance downtime, the metal production industry is one of the most demanding for all chain and mechanical power transmission components.

Throughout the process components may be subjected to extremely high temperatures, rapid cooling, shock loading, exposure to water and other fluids and environments which are highly contaminated by abrasive particles.


None of this matters to operators on the floor, who expect every component in the mill to operate without complaint. This expectation makes perfect sense to Tsubaki, which is why we're able to offer heavy duty solutions which meet the challenges of the toughest industries.

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Tsubaki Serving the Steel Industry

Making steel is a complex process. You’ ll find Tsubaki products used throughout the steel mill, from offloading iron ore and coal from tankers to shipping coil steel products.

Since 1917, Tsubaki has been using its accumulated know-how, quality, and technical expertise to help steelmakers and equipment manufacturers build the world.

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