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Chocolate Moulding

Tsubaki chain offers hygienic operation in the sticky business of chocolate moulding. Hygiene is key during the chocolate moulding process. With conveyor chain coming into close proximity with the mould, chocolatiers can't run the risk of lubricant contaminating the product. Uneven wear to chains running in parallel is another hazard to be avoided as it can lead to mould crashes and production stoppages.


Tsubaki Lambda chains are lubricant free, which eliminates contamination risks and the issue of chocolate spill mixing with lube. The unique Match & Tag service will guarantee accuracy between parallel chains.

Tsubaki can work with OEMs, MRO specialists or directly with end-users to specify bespoke solutions which guarantee accuracy, minimise chain elongation and offer service life many times longer than the industry standard. Customisation is welcome, and we offer all the options to gain maximum performance from your chain and chocolate production line.