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Sprockets are an integral part of any drive system, with failure leading to extended downtime and possible damage to the drive chain. Tsubaki manufactures sprockets from the highest quality, heat treated steel to take on any challenges an application may present.


Resistant to shock loads and wear - and requiring minimal maintenance - Tsubaki sprockets make a perfect complement to any Tsubaki chain. We offer ready made roller chain sprockets, engineered sprockets and even wear indicator sprockets for maintenance notification.

Tsubaki is dedicated to manufacturing power transmission solutions for its customers that will reduce running costs and offer industry leading reliability. The sprocket range has been designed to meet as broad a spectrum of industries and applications as possible which is why there are nearly 650 standard parts held in stock to choose from. And if the standard parts aren't quite what you're after Tsubaki offers reworking and 'Made-To-Order' services.

The sprockets are available in a variety of materials. Carbon steel sprockets are available in DIN 8187 standard, in both simplex and duplex formats, as well as in ANSI standard for simplex configuration, all of which have a standard parallel bore. There is also a range of carbon steel taper bore sprockets available in DIN 8187, simplex format.

Alternatively, for extra corrosion resistance and food-grade applications, alloy and stainless steel sprockets are available.

In addition to the huge range of standard products, Tsubaki is able to rework the entire range to individual requirements. For example, adding a keyway or a finished bore dimension within 8-10 working days of the order.


Customers may also provide Tsubaki with engineering drawings for a truly customised sprocket, which can then be manufactured and held in stock ready for delivery as required. A good example of this specialized service is the segmented sprocket solution for bucket elevators in cement industry.

Tsubaki Sprocket Solutions

System performance highly depends on chain-sprocket interaction, which means your choice of sprockets can elevate your operation’s success. Make the right and easy choice with sprockets from Tsubaki.

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