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Made-to-Order Sprockets

Tsubaki has designed and manufactured made-to-order (MTO) sprockets since more than 60 years.

Extensive design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow Tsubaki to produce a wide variety of MTO sprocket products for a multitude of applications. Our capabilities include CNC machining for special tooth profiles, in-house heat treatment and a variety of product finishes. Our CAD design capabilities allow us to provide highly customized solutions for almost every application.


Tsubaki Wear Indicator

Tsubaki has introduced a wear indicator for large pitch chain drive sprockets which provides a clear indication of wear, allowing the sprocket to be replaced before it fails. Eliminating the guesswork traditionally associated with wear checking, the indicator protects investment in capital equipment, eliminates breakdowns and allows better management of maintenance scheduling.

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Tsubaki Sprocket Solutions

System performance highly depends on chain-sprocket interaction, which means your choice of sprockets can elevate your operation’s success. Make the right and easy choice with sprockets from Tsubaki.

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