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Tsubaki Chain Breaker

chain breaker

The bench mounted chain breaker newly launched by Tsubaki is designed to make disassembling of its single strand roller chain fast and simple. It can be used with most common European and ANSI sizes of Tsubaki chain, from RS05B to RS16B and RS35 to RS80.

In fact this precision instrument can even be used to disassemble Tsubaki's motorcycle chain and heavy duty RS80 chain.

The chain breaker is made from high quality steel so will have a long and trouble free working life. The design is such that all wearing parts can be easily replaced and general maintenance is straightforward.

Chains made with both standard rivets and Tsubaki Easy Break rivets can be dismantled using the breaker. Easy Break rivets have a centre sink and do not need to be ground before the chain is cut. Double stake and quad stake riveted chains require grinding of the riveted pin heads with an angle grinder before the chain is broken.

Tsubaki supplies these chain breakers from stock and they come complete with tools including a chain breaker, RS35 chain guide and punch, an assembly set and an instruction manual.

Tsubaki Chain Breaker Manual

Download the manual for clear instructions how to install, use and maintain the Tsubaki Chain Breaker Tool.

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