ANSI Low Noise
Roller Chain



ANSI Low Noise Roller Chain


Low Noise Drive Chain - a Tsubaki innovation - creates a worker-friendly, environmentally friendly plant. It reduces equipment noise, and it eliminates the need for expensive, hard-to-work-around soundproof enclosures.

Technical Evolution
Tsubaki's uniquely structured spring rollers are used for chain rollers. When Tsubaki's Low Noise roller chain engages the sprocket, the spring roller deforms and absorbs the force of impact, reducing impact noise between chain and sprocket. Compared with Tsubaki's standard roller chain, noise levels of Low Noise Roller Chain are 6 - 8 dB lower. Working temperature range: -10°C to +60°C. Allowable chain speed: 200 m/min.


Noise Reduction
Lower noise levels increase comfort levels in the workplace. Besides, lower noise levels also eliminate the need for costly, soundproof enclosures.

Stronger than Belts
In some applications, belts are considered as a countermeasure to noise. However, there are many limitations in terms of strength when considering belts. The Tsubaki Low Noise roller chain is perfect for applications where the strength of a roller chain is needed without the accompanying noise.


  • Tsubaki Low Noise roller chain is directly interchangeable with ANSI standard roller chain.
  • Standard ANSI roller chain sprockets can be used. However, if the chain cannot be sufficiently lubricated, Tsubaki recommends installing sprockets with hardened teeth.

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