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Product of the Year Awards in Poland

Publishing house Trademedia International has a 65years tradition in the USA and it is present in Poland since 2004 with its bimonthly industrial magazine „Inżynieria & Utrzymanie Ruchu" (Plant Engineering).

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Since 2005 they organize „Product of the Year Awards" to promote technologically advanced innovative solutions (newly introduced to the MRO and OEM markets or upgraded in the previous year). The target is to make them more available to the maintenance and engineering staff in the factories and technical offices.

The competition takes part in 17 categories over six months. This year there were more than 180 entrants. The first stage is evaluation by technical jury with scientific and practical background. The nominated products are then promoted online and in the printed magazine. Finally, the customers vote online for two weeks and that closes the competition.

Criteria for selecting the nominees are:

  • Product innovation
  • Practicality of usage
  • Easiness of implementation
  • Potential to bring economical and other gains that can be achieved from introducing the new products.

„As it is in line with Tsubaki's top quality and unique feature approach to product development, I have taken the initiative to participate with our exceptional products every year" says Alexandre Barboukov, Area Sales Representative for Poland.

That resulted in two consecutive wins. In 2017 for the new maintenance-free Tsubaki Lambda roller chains (6th generation) and in 2018 the Product of the Year Award was granted in its category to Tsubaki's special sprockets with the unique wear indicator patent.

The 13th edition of the Product of the Year Award ceremony took place in Warsaw's Marriott hotel during the conference Industry 4.0 on the 10th of April 2018.