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Tsubaki Tree App: easy access to literature, distributors and case studies

Tsubaki's FREE Tree App, available on Apple* and Android* devices, allows customers to download product literature, find local distributors and even request quotes. The Tree App has been developed to work in support of the existing Tsubaki customer services; allowing Tsubaki employees, distributors and customers to communicate quickly with each other - anywhere in the world.

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Peter de Blok, Sales Manager, Tsubakimoto Europe, explains the origins of the Tree App: "The Tsubaki Tree symbolises the way that the company is structured. The roots being our technical capabilities and application know-how; the trunk being our company structure; and the fruits being the products we bring forward to our customers. The Tsubaki Tree is the starting point in the app. From here users can find anything from company information, to application examples, to the distributor locator."

The app is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded it can be operated in any one of eight languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish or Russian. Of immediate benefit to all users will be the availability of all Tsubaki literature for download including company brochures, application profiles, product literature and training instructions. Users can easily navigate through to the files they need and then download onto their device to view, print and share at their leisure.

However, the Tree App is more than a glorified company brochure. It has been developed to open up a new line of communication with Tsubaki staff for both pre and post-sale support. So long as the device that the app is used on has GPS activated, the app will find the distributors closest to the user's location and supply all necessary contact details.

The Tree App can even be used to request quotations. By simply filling in the enquiry form and attaching a photo taken from the device, Tsubaki sales support is able to review the customer's needs, contact them with a primary quote and arrange a site visit if necessary.

Peter de Blok continues: "Tsubaki doesn't just sell a premium product, it sells a premium service. We employ engineers with expert knowledge and work hard to communicate with our customers as closely as possible to make sure that we help them to make long term savings with every purchase. The Tree App allows us to take advantage of mobile technology to further open up these lines of communications and to continue to offer our customers the best service, worldwide."

More information, and to download the app, visit: tsubakitree.tsubaki.eu

*The Tsubaki Tree App is suitable for: Apple iPad, Apple iPad mini, Android Smartphone, Android Phablet and Android Tablet.