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Food Packaging

Never compromise on hygiene, Tsubaki leads the field in lubricant free roller chain. The food industry is one of the most highly regulated markets when it comes to hygiene. This is just as true for packaging operations as it is for production. Dairy, baked goods, meats, confectionery... the list goes on. No matter how you package your foodstuff you need to keep your machinery components lubricated without compromising on hygiene and risking contamination.

Tsubaki was the first in the industry to develop chain with special, oil-impregnated bushes which require no external lubrication for the entire life of the product. Its Lambda lube free chain is now the figurehead for its vast selection of power transmission components for hygiene critical applications.


Lambda chain is available in many sizes with hundreds of attachment options which have been designed specifically for improved food packaging performance. Chain can be measured using the Match and Tag service, a unique measuring system which guarantees industry leading precision no matter what the overall chain length.