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Automated Warehouse Lifting

Automated lifting systems are the backbone of many warehouses, with chain quality key to efficient operation and safety.

Chains in automated lifting systems are subjected to continuous shock loads, caused by moving large quantities of stock. This can cause chain elongation, breakage and eventual failure, causing downtime and disrupting schedules. Failure can also pose risks to any personnel near the device. These challenges are exacerbated by varying warehouse conditions, with refrigeration and dry environments presenting potential lubrication issues.

Tsubaki is chosen by leading OEMs due to a proven ability to overcome these challenges. Specialised lubricants matched with lube grooves ensures Tsubaki chains can offer maximum service life by minimising friction. Durability is built into every Tsubaki chain - especially RS Roller GT4 Winner and Heavy Duty chains - ensuring that the risks of chain elongation and failure due to shock loads are negated. The result is increased lifting system uptime, preserved delivery schedules and greater operational safety.

Tsubaki experts can offer full engineering support for automated lifting systems, with a tailored approach to the needs of each individual facility.