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When a bucket elevator manufacturer was experiencing reliability problems with its backstop clutches, resulting in intensive maintenance and frequent replacement, it turned to Tsubaki for a solution.

Replacing the trapped roller design with a sprag clutch delivered higher torque capacity and longer life.
Bucket elevators provide a simple but effective mechanism of hauling and lifting flowable or semi-flowable bulk materials, including grain, fertiliser, foods, wastes and minerals, often into storage silos.

tsu263-bucket-elevator-application-tsubaki-camclutch.jpgDesigned specifically for use on the low speed shaft of inclined and bucket conveyors, the BSEU backstop cam clutch provides the safest reverse rotation prevention qualities available.

Worldwide commerce is heavily dependent on the port industry to lift and shift every kind of commodity and keep the global shipping lanes moving. As the crucial link between sea freight and land transport, the port industry depends on reliable and durable equipment to ensure shipping deadlines are met.
Tsubaki is a leading supplier of power transmission components to the industry both through OE and maintenance channels. Here we explain how high quality components can improve overall reliability, efficiency and productivity within the port industry.

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Almost every company on the planet relies in one way or another on the port industry. Whether it's through import or export of their own goods or relying on the prompt delivery of material from suppliers, the global economy is reliant on ports the world over to keep shipping lanes moving. Keeping a port working efficiently is dependent on every piece of plant and machinery operating reliably. With nearly a century of experience supplying the port industry with drive chain and power transmission components, Tsubaki understands the importance of reliability better than most.