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Maintaining food production lines requires expertise and specialist products to ensure efficient and reliable operation. For a popular chocolate manufacturer, there was one production line that was experiencing chain elongation and contamination of the chain lubricant that was causing loss of production. Switching to Tsubaki Lambda Lube Free chain resulted in considerable savings in maintenance costs as well as improved production reliability.

tsu196-tsubaki-chain-lasts-longer-pic1.jpg* The Lambda chain is dry to the touch, with the lubrication impregnated into the bushes, so it can be installed straight from the box and begin operation, without the need to lubricate it.

The efficiency and reliability of a chain driven system highly depends on the interaction between the chain and sprocket. Just the smallest discrepancy in size can lead to stress damage to the chain, while low quality materials can cause the sprocket to wear and require early replacement. The Tsubaki range of sprockets has been manufactured from high quality steels to integrate seamlessly with all standard chain sizes and ensure a long and reliable service life.


All of the carbon steel sprockets supplied by Tsubaki as standard from stock feature induction hardened teeth to ensure that the wear life of both the sprocket and chain is maximised.