€co & Eco: Tsubaki's Environmental Activities

Social Contribution through environmentally Friendly Manufacturing
The Tsubaki Group is working to conserve the environment and reduce the environmental impact of its operations by improving the efficiency of production activities and developing products that effectively lower energy consumption.

Environmental Philosophy
The Tsubaki Group believes that environmental conservation is a critical challenge facing humanity. We will remain mindful of the environment in all our operations and contribute to the world through our workmanship.

Fundamental Environmental Policy

Long-Term Objectives
Reduce CO2 emissions by 15% by fiscal 2021

* Benchmark year: Fiscal 2006



The Tsubaki Group is advancing the development of environmentally friendly products.
These so called eco-products help customers reduce energy consumption and improve the economic aspects of their operations.

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Tsubaki's Eco-Products
As a manufacturer of industrial machinery, equipment, and parts, the Tsubaki Group is actively working to develop products that are more environmentally friendly to help its customers realize reduced environmental burden (Ecology) and enhanced economic efficiency (Economy), which are representative of Tsubaki's Eco & Eco (Ecology and Economy) approach. Tsubaki's products are tested for compliance with the Company's unique eco-evaluation standards that evaluate features such as a product's ability to reduce material usage or CO2 emissions, before they are defined as eco-products. Through such efforts, Tsubaki is raising the environmental friendliness of its operations.

Tsubaki has announced that, starting from 2011, it will require all newly development products to be environmentally friendly. After being approved for compliance with Tsubaki's unique eco-evaluation standards, eco-products are adorned with the Tsubaki Eco Link mark. Further, the progress of these efforts is being communicated both inside and outside of the Company.
In fiscal 2012, we plan to launch 13 new eco-products.

Tsubaki Eco &  Eco Catalogues


Tsubaki Eco Link
The Tsubaki Eco Link mark symbolizes both the link between customers and Tsubaki and the link between ecology and economy created by Tsubaki's eco-products. Its design is inspired by the link plates of Tsubaki's mainstay chains.





Environmental Friendliness Factors
The Tsubaki Group classifies the environmental friendliness factors that are under its control into seven categories.

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