Chain Length Tolerance, Match & Tag and Assembly Service

Chain Length Tolerance
Maintaining an accurate overall length tolerance in attachment chain is essential for conveying and index drive equipment used in such applications as inserting components, product assembly lines, integrated circuit boards and board/paper & packaging amongst many others.
The tolerance of the overall chain length is depending on the chain type and the appropriate international standard:

Single Pitch Chain

Double Pitch Chain

Tsubaki chain length tolerances are very narrow by nature, however some markets require narrow tolerance chain; in the market often referred to, and marketed as 1/3 DIN or 1/6 DIN length tolerance chain. Tsubaki chain coming from the same production lot is generally complying with these tolerances as a standard; once again our constant, standard high quality. Figure below shows the amount of variation for several types of chain chosen at random from the same production run.

Chain Length [m] Matched Tolerance [mm]
< 14 m < 3 mm
14 ~ 30 m < 4 mm
30 ~ 44 m < 5 mm

When even more accurate tolerances are required, Tsubaki can offer an effective solution with the Match & Tag Service. This can be useful for attachment chains which have to run parallel in pairs and where a minimum of chain length tolerance is required.

Match & Tag Service: High Accuracy, Narrow Tolerance Service
For Tsubaki; quality is second nature- and so for customers with specific application requirements, we are able to supply chains with a specific length tolerance, or even pairs & multiple chains length matched and tagged in the same way for easy identification and installation. This is as a result of the sophisticated chain length measurement equipment (the "Matchy") kept in house within the European headquarters with supply times for such chains kept to a minimum-ideal for distributors, final consumers and OEM customers alike.

The Matchy at our European Headquarters is equipped for:

For other sizes and specific demands please contact Tsubaki, our Engineering Department will explain all options available.

When chains have to run in parallel for conveying purposes in for instance packaging machines or when a minimum of difference in chain length is required in lifting applications (accumulator towers in the steel and carpet industry) Tsubaki excels in quality performance. We can guarantee a maximum chain length difference of 0.50 mm independent of the total chain length demanded by our customers!

Local Assembly Service
Tsubaki offers a huge range of attachment chains to suit virtually any application.

An extended range of stock components covering the majority of standard applications, and a built to order service using more specialised attachments also held in stock within Tsubakimoto Europe-swift deliveries can be both achieved...and maintained. Along with the Made To Order service when very unusual or highly specialist solutions can be delivered on accurate lead times from Tsubaki's dedicated state of the art factory results in a comprehensive supply chain capability.

As our customers increase production capacity and reduce maintenance windows, we believe that this high level of product availability and swift delivery can make a difference. This policy represents Tsubaki's core values.

If a standard attachment chain is required (for volumes typically under 50 meters) it can be assembled from stock lengths and/or components. If an attachment is required with a specific dimension requirement such as a non standard assembly hole then the attachment can be produced within Europe.